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Below are the results of a survey the KPA committee conducted back in June 2011. The results demonstrate that we, as a charity, need to promote our work as much as possible to the staff and patients of Guy’ s and St Thomas’ hospitals.

Thank you to all the patients and staff that took time to complete this survey.

 GSTTKPA Questionnaire Results June 2011


1. Have you heard of the Guy’s and St Thomas’ Kidney Patients Association?

Yes 51%        No 49%

2. Have you ever attended one of the KPA’s meetings?

Yes    12%      No 88%

If no, why have you not attended?

Times aren’t convenient 8%

Expense of getting to the meeting 0%

Health/Mobility difficulties 20%

Not interested 5%

Didn’t know about the meetings 60%

Other 7%

 3. The KPA often hold informal get-togethers to explain more about the charity and the projects they help to support.  Would this be something you might be interested in going to?

Yes 58%           Maybe 7%          No 35%

 4. The KPA are planning to organise trips for dialysis patients over the summer months such as a boat trip to Greenwich and a tour round the Olympic Stadium in Stratford. Would this be something you might be interested in going to?

Yes 41%            Maybe 6%             No 53%

5. The KPA are keen to communicate with all patients. Have you seen any of the following?

Yes 48%                       No 52%

Leaflet 23%

Posters 23%

Banners 13%

Newsletters 19%

New website 7%

Visit from a KPA representative in a dialysis unit 15%

Are you a transplant or dialysis patient?

Transplant 26%             

Dialysis  32%             

Other 42%

7. Would be interested in getting more involved in the KPA?

Yes 36%           Maybe 8%                 No 56%

8. Would you be willing for us to contact you?

Yes 58%            No 42%

Notes: A few of the questionnaires were not entirely complete, which may affect the final percentages slightly. In addition to this we noticed that there were a fair number of visually impaired patients (15 patients out of a total of 74 questioned), whose mobility problems, prevent them from attending the meetings.

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