Happy 1st Kidney-Pancreas-versary to Lily, Daniel and Dustin!

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We were delighted to hear from Lily as part of our “Celebrate your Kidneyversary” Campaign.  Here is her story:


“I had been diabetic since the age of seven. When I became a teenager I did the usual and rebelled against it, doing everything that was bad for me. In my mid 20s I did get much better but I had done the damage really and by 27 my kidneys started to pack up.

When I first heard about it, I was probably in denial but again I just tried to ignore what was happening to me until I met the amazing doctor, Mr John Taylor, who completely changed my whole perception on the situation and I started to really take care of myself. I lost lots of weight and started to eat the right things and made sure my sugar levels were spot on all the time. I decided after meeting him that I was going to keep working as hard as I could and always made sure I was busy.

When I first met John Taylor he explained about the simultaneous pancreas / kidney transplant (SPK). I was not keen at all. I thought it would be a big operation and I wasn’t sure I wanted to go ahead until I met a woman who had had the op 9 years ago and she and John together made my decision very easy. We are now great friends and she means a lot to me because of that!

Before I went on the list (obviously the pancreas can’t come out of a living donor and the kidney and pancreas must be from the same person so I had to go on the deceased donor list) me and my hubby ran off to Vegas to get married which was very cool! It meant I could also go on a long trip before the op.  I was activated on the list in April 2012 and had my op June 2013. After two false starts and calls (the organs weren’t right) I got the call at 2pm on a weekday and went down to surgery later that evening. My surgeon, Mr Francis Calder was absolutely amazing and instead of a vertical scar I have a very neat horizontal scar! Both organs started working perfectly straight away and I left hospital 10 days later with my two brand new organs – Daniel and Dustin!  For D & D’s first anniversary I got whisked away to Paris for a couple of days following a dinner in The Shard (overlooking the hospital!) with all the important people that went through it with me.  It really is the MOST amazing gift ever and I can’t thank my donor and his family enough. I spend days being absolutely amazed at how much energy I now have and how normal my body heat is instead of always being absolutely freezing!  I had an amazing experience and that is also down to all the amazing docs,

nurses, catering staff, receptionists, cleaners…… everyone on the Richard Bright Ward and in the clinic.


To celebrate my Kidney-pancreas-iversary next year I will be asking my friends and family to make a donation to the KPA to say thank you and to help other patients.


Lily Davidson (not my real name!)”


A great story and we wish her many more healthy years with “Daniel and Dustin”. It is also another amazing story about John Taylor.


Why not let us know how you celebrated your kidneyversary?  It is a great opportunity to raise awareness about organ donation and tell people about the difference having a transplant has made to your life.  Have you given your transplanted kidney a name? Please let us know.  Email us at info@gsttkpa.org, post on our Facebook page or tweet us.  Maybe you could ask your friends and family to make a donation to the KPA to help us to help other patients.  Text KIDN33 £5 to 70070 to donate.

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